Since 1982 we at bmh equipment inc have served the Northern California Area providing specialized equipment and solutions to their material handling needs. Over the decades, we have become the West Coast experts in High Density Shelving and Racking Systems. From High Density Racking systems for their Veg and Flower Rooms, to stainless steel lab grade casework and fume hoods, to Seed to Sale Tracking Systems, to even carts and hand trucks, we have solutions to offer a wide range of needs this industry is facing.

we are here to share our knowledge and expertise in space efficiency and ergonomics. The nature of our High-Density Storage Systems allows the grower to achieve the full 22,000 square foot canopy only using a fraction of that much floor space. By eliminating stationary aisle ways and multi stacking, our systems make it possible to achieve 200% to 500% more product per square foot. There are many advantages that come along with implementing one of our high density grow rack systems. Space efficiency, ergonomic access to the plants for maintenance and harvest, and all while providing the SAFEST systems available in the market.

bmh is Partnered with Montel Inc. established in 1929, they are the pioneer of high density systems in North America. Having a track record and an extremely long list of happy customers who have owned and operated these systems for decades, we are confident that we are providing the nicest, best, smoothest, safest, system possible.