Racks and Shelving

bmh equipment inc has distributed industrial & warehouse shelving systems since 1982. Names like InterRoyal, Interlake, Rapid Rack, Nord Plan now are either vanished or merged with another company and completely changed. bmh equipment inc however has maintained and evolved with these upheavals and changes and now utilize  Haniball, Montel, Burroughs and Metro for our stationary and mobile industrial & warehouse shelving systems to serve our customers needs. bmh can provide products from a variety of different manufacturers, each specializing in a particular type of racking and/or shelving to ensure that the customer has a large and versitile selection of products to choose from to best suit what is being stored, where it is being stored, and how it needs to be stored. This gives bmh alot of leeway in recomending racking and storage products apropriately to where they are best suited. Call or email for assistance, questions or designs on racking and shelving within your industrial & warehouse systems.