Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile Shelving Storage Systems

Organization, Storage, Mobility...Few of our products comprise better these properties and attributes as they apply to dealing with objects in our care better than mobile shelving storage systems. Mobile Shelving Storage Systems by their very definition are a tool to assist in bringing necessary items to our hand quickly and elegantly, and then recede.

We at bmh equipment inc have partnered with Montel Inc in providing and distributing a product that matters in all aspects of life: Mobile Shelving Storage Systems. Whether it be ordering and storing paper records for medical departments, accountants or real estate offices, or vital parts inventories for critical repair parts in commerce and industry, mobile shelving storage systems are a crucial means to the end in organization, storage and mobility.

Mobile Shelving

BMH specializes in distributing and installing a wide variety of high density mobile shelving systems. Our mobile shelving units provide our clients with a product that is durable, versatile and convenient. We represent the pioneer for mobile shelving; Montel who has provided cutting edge technology that possesses superior flexibility and can be catered and designed to suit the particular needs of the client. Montel has been in the business of designing and creating mobile shelving since 1929, giving them the time to create an unrivaled design to specifically suit the demand for mobile shelving units that possess both convenience and that can outlast any alternate sources of mobile shelving.


Being able to strategically place in a logical method is exceedingly important for being able to access in a consistent and rational method. Montel’s Mobilex mobile shelving storage systems provide a flexible and efficient layout by integrating it’s unique SmartShelf 4 post shelving system with it’s purpose built and exclusive connection between mobile carriage and shelving. Together, these offer unparalleled flexibility and size choice in the mobile shelving storage system industry.


Montel has created several innovations that together make their mobile shelving systems come into bmh’s “Stunningly Good” department. The patented spacing options, reduced post face, multiple options and accessories from drawers, dividers and range of strength offering make the mobile shelving extremely efficient in getting the most product in the least space possible. Frequently, clients can reduce by half the footprint needed previously to store everyday items and now feel better organized and the storage has increased.


The method of creating increased organization AND storage is due to the ease of movement that Montel has engineered into their mobile shelving storage systems. From the two piece rail, to the precision ball bearing steel wheels, being able to move thousands of pound gracefully and efficiently makes accessing each aisle almost a game it is so easy.