bmh equipment inc has partnered with Tiffin Metal Products who offer a complete line of heavy duty yet elegant steel lockers. This includes their Sentinel Security Lockers, Evidence lockers, refrigerated, pass through and single sided varieties for Police and Justice applications. Also for the Law Enforcement applications, Sentinel Security Lockers have prodsuced both the Duty and Duffel Lockers for high capacity needs of uniforms, arms and electronic power support with charging outlets within the locker for phones and computers. Sentinel Security Lockers come in a range of colors and custom configurations. bmh has provided law enforcement specific lockers with Tiffin Metal and also provides options for other applications. Tiffins lockers feature an extremely robust design, and our installation crews will ensure that these lockers are installed with the utmost precision and care. These lockers also feature a variety of custom designs, and can support several customization options.