Hand truck Carts and Dollies

As a hand truck and dolly supplier, bmh equipment inc brings decades of experience in recommending the best solution to mobility issues. Whether it is for package delivery, beverage delivery or simple warehouse work, we have selected the winners in ergonomics, longevity and ease of use from several notable manufactures.

Hand truck and dolly distributors need to know the features of wheel options, handle variations, weight advantages so that they can carefully advise and make moving and material handling tasks the easiest and safe by choosing the best wheel bearings and compounds for the job. Or based on use by our own installation crews, what 4-wheeled dolly works the best for moving large sheet metal items like shelving or lockers.

Over the years working as a hand truck and dolly supplier, we have even developed accessories and specialty products that make life easier like our Magliner BMH Kick-off which allows the operator to push the stack of boxes with a lever at the bottom of the pile. This was developed with customers and engineers to make this stressful repetitive action safe, quick, and ergonomic.

Since 1982, bmh equipment inc has been Northern California’s hand truck and dolly supplier with the greatest depth of repair parts for Magliner and Dutro hand trucks so that delivery drivers can keep their tools in good working order. Wheels, bearings, handles, nose plates of various sizes and descriptions are kept in our Sacramento facility. This is part of being a hand truck and dolly distributor.

Our show room contains popular examples of Magliner Gemini Convertible hand truck, UPS Parcel Delivery hand tucks, Raymond Panel Mover dollies, Furniture Dollies and more…..what we do as a hand truck and dolly distributor.