Buy Wholesale Casters Online

Since 1982, bmh equipment inc has been a caster products supplier to the Sacramento region and Northern California. Coming to Sacramento from his uncles' store in Wichita Kansas, Jack Alexander brought the knowledge and experience of the arcane and specialized industry of casters. Someone in his family has been a Colson Caster products supplier since 1940.

Being a caster products distributor this many years creates a breadth of knowledge and experience due to being asked over and over for problem solving help and advice. Whether it is making carts quiet for hospitals, or to help floors last longer in high traffic tow-lines, a caster products distributor gets to see how folks live and offer solutions to these constantly varying problems.

Because of the variety and the similarity of some of these issues, we now can offer some of these standard products to our clients to buy casters online. Many of the bearing types, tread materials and fork configurations can be obtained easily once the original consultations has take place via the phone or in person. Our new computer system will permit customers hereafter to buy casters online conveniently from their computers.

Similarly, OEM clients who want to purchase wholesale casters or wholesale caster wheels can request our assistance to specify capacity, longevity, ergonomics in products needed in Original Equipment. Whether for a cart or machine base, medical device or material handling dolly, we have provided these wholesale casters and wholesale caster wheels for many OEM's.