Modula OnePick

Modula OnePick: No Operator? No Problem

This Modula VLM combines and integrates the best of robots, belts, and conveyors. The OnePick seamlessly uses these automated technologies to allow self-service, e-commerce and other automated

Seamless and Sophisticated Automation

Automatic: The OnePick has no operator: The picking bay and the extractor do the job. Works with boxes and bins: Once it’s in a box or a bin, there’s no need for any more input. Handles size variations: Adjusts to different sizes of bins and their different volumes, dimensions, and weight. Integrates seamlessly: It can work with all variety of material handling conveyors, AGV’s, belts, or rollers.

Increase Operating Speed/Save Space

Reduce Footprint: OnePick by Modula helps trim your floor space. Multiple Row Picks: The OnePick functions regardless of volume, shape or geometry and can pull items from different locations. Become one of your staff: The OnePick becomes able to track items within the Warehouse Management System and integrate easily into your company’s processes. Keep secure inventory: Having the OnePick fully enclosed keeps items out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

Easily Modified and Flexible

4 Sizes: One Pick comes in 4 different capacities and widths. Adjustable: The OnePick has adjustments in the trays to match your needs. Adjustable on one inch increments optimizes the volume to suit your internal needs. Easy Installation: Allows the placement of the OnePick to operate in hard to reach areas.