Our Military Services

We know it’s important for you to have safe and secure storage that can be trusted to hold your firearms. Flexible and versatile, our weapons storage systems combine thoughtful design and unmatched features to fit your unique needs.

Our Military Services

Organize your military supplies and equipment with strategic attention to detail using our versatile, ready to go high density shelving and racking systems. See how you can use our storage solutions to help improve logistics and administration by facilitating rapid access and deployment.

  • Storage


  • Rugged Weapons

    Storage Cabinets

  • Wepons


  • Uniform & Jacket


Our Military Services

Extremely secure, highly organized and easily reconfigured to adapt to your changing needs, our pistols shelving solutions are dependable under any circumstance and make full use of your weapon storage space. And bmh equipment inc has become a leading distributor of Heavy Duty Lockers for personnel and weapons in the extreme. Sidearm Lockers, Duty Bag Lockers, Firearms and Armory Racks, TA-50 and Tactical Lockers and Wardrobe Lockers.

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