Evidence grows and grows, but evidence rooms stay the same size. High-density mobile systems let you dramatically increase your storage space without expanding your current footprint. Secure chain of custody is essential. Make it easy with secure, keyless Evidence Lockers. Streamline deposit processes, lost keys and space shortages with dozens of choices, including pass-thru and refrigerated options and shapes and sizes to fit any space. Create a convenient and comfortable space for personnel to store weapons, uniforms, equipment, and electronics with Personal Storage Lockers and Gear Lockers. There are so many configuration options, we are confident these lockers can be customized to fit any need. Take your attention away from inmate property storage for even a moment and it can get out of control. High-density mobile storage can streamline and compact the entire operation. In addition, lockable rotary and lateral files and provide the security you need for records, without impeding access and retrieval.

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Accommodate any and all guns, pistols, firearms, ammunitions and other items of various sizes and weights with a customized mobile or static storage solution that can be outfitted with multiple accessories and add-ons, such as lockable doors, drawers, screens and racks, to make the most out of your space. With our storage systems, get easy access to your weapons when you need them and secure storage when you don't. Learn more about our various solutions!

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Government Industries

Our weapons lockers, shelving and racks can be mounted on our compact high-density mobile storage systems, making sure your rifles and ammunition are as accessible as they are secure and safe from movement, shock and damage. The modularity of our storage systems allows for multiple storage configurations for any type of weapon, and since our solutions are very easy to configure, shotguns, rifles and other firearms can be stored with optics, accessories and any other gear. With unlimited options that combine thoughtful design and unmatched features, you can trust our high-density solutions to store your arsenal.

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