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  • Vertical Lift Modules



Modula’s automated storage and retrieval systems are made in the USA and will transform your material handling. They will increase your productivity, accuracy, reduce your storage space requirements, and enhance worker safety and job satisfaction.

These storage and management systems are easy to operate and integrate with several “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) systems, “Material Requirements Planning” (MRP), “Warehouse Management Systems” (WMS), and “Demand Management Systems” (DMS). Providing visibility into inventory status, key operational parameters, and other maintenance requirements, allow businesses to operate more efficiently.


A Modula VLM is an automated vertical storage system that takes up a minimal amount of space. These systems can store large quantities of products in a safe, secure environment and making them available to the operators in an elegant way with a scan of a barcode or one touch of the user-friendly Copilot controller.

This feature takes away the need to search for items on shelves in the warehouse. The right part is delivered to the right person at the proper ergonomic height: efficiency and productivity are increased, picking errors are drastically reduced. Thanks to this technology, the factory floor space can be used for other important jobs like manufacturing.

Benefits of Modula Lift

As much as 9,050 square feet of storage can be reduced to 150 square feet in high ceilings. That’s a lot of extra space that can be used for other purposes. High ceilings provide the extra room that can be filled with sturdy Modula storage trays. These trays are meant to hold heavy items while using limited floor space. Internal and external bays should be used for small items. Modula Lift customization options in order to make the lift best suited for your needs, Modula offers a range of customizable features


Improve efficiency and save time: Warehouse workers no longer need to scramble around a big warehouse to locate products. They simply use the instant messaging system to find what they need from a number of VLM stations that are conveniently located throughout the warehouse.


Reduce injuries in the workplace: Modula VLMs can help prevent your employees from reaching high and low for inventory. By removing working the aisles with ladders and carts and forklifts, Modula VLMs help achieving a safe and productive work record.


The Copilot console is an easy-to-use accessory that helps to keep your business running smoothly. It simplifies inventory management in both retrieving and replenishing items.


Modula Slim has a range of customization options that can shape how you take advantage of the Slim’s design.


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Modula Sintas 1 Efficiency Options

Modula OnePick: No Operator? No Problem

This Modula VLM combines and integrates the best of robots, belts, and conveyors. The OnePick seamlessly uses these automated technologies to allow self-service, e-commerce and other automated. The OnePick has no operator: The picking bay and the extractor do the job. Works with boxes and bins: Once it’s in a box or a bin, there’s no need for any more input. Handles size variations: Adjusts to different sizes of bins and their different volumes, dimensions, and weight. Integrates seamlessly: It can work with all variety of material handling conveyors, AGV’s, belts, or rollers.

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