About Montel

Although bmh equipment inc has been an Authorized Dealer for only a few decades, Montel has been in business for nearly 100 years starting in 1924 as a designer and manufacturer of large electrical systems first and in 1955 as a manufacturer of library shelving.

By 1965 they had entered the distinctive area separating the “men-from-the-boys” in the shelving industry of high-density mobile storage otherwise known as “mobile shelving” or “mobile aisle”. From there they were recognized 4 years later completed the National Library of Canada in Ottawa.

Through a series of acquisitions and developments, Montel has become a leader in all types of storage equipment, to name a few: Museum Storage, Art Racks of all types, Office Filing as well as Industrial Mobile Pallet Racks used in Vertical Grow Agriculture and Cannabis Cultivation.

Innovation and “thinking out of the box” is a constant theme with Montel for a century.

Montel Product Videos

Cannabis Grow Video