The Smart Storage Solution

Recover up to 90% of valuable storage area

Productivity, Efficiency, Picking Accuracy, Ergonomic Solutions to Storage Challenges. Modula storage solutions, now manufactured in the USA, produce world-class equipment to quickly, elegantly, and safely store and even store and retrieve and report automatically to help with the modern warehouse challenges facing companies in the 2020s.

Look at Modula if you need: Warehouse Productivity – Ergonomic Work Environments – Computer-Assisted/Controlled Efficient Storage and Retrieval Solutions

bmh equipment inc invites you to explore how to increase warehouse productivity, fulfill orders efficiently, and improve picking accuracy saving time and money with Modula’s warehouse storage solutions. And reduce the risk of injuries, increase workforce throughput with improved ergonomics, and solve warehouse problems. Modula USA produces the highest quality, automated storage/retrieval equipment designed to improve warehouse management and to ergonomically optimize space.


High-Value Parts Stored in a secured Environment


Reduce Picking Errors


Pick Needed Parts Faster


No Climbing, Bending, or reaching for parts

Think Vertical, Think Modula