TheĀ Colson Caster Company is headquartered in Jonesboro, AR. In 1885 George Worthington, William Fay, and Fred Colson formed “The Worthington Company” in Elyria, Ohio. They made tricycles, invalid chairs, and wheelchairs. In 1910 Fred Colson (Secretary-Treasurer of Worthington) purchased the company and changed the name to . . . “The Colson Company.” He expanded the product line to include hospital wheeled equipment & industrial material handling equipment.


Later the Service Caster Company was purchased and they were able to expand the line to include both light-duty chair casters through medium and heavy-duty casters. In the mid-sixties, the plant was moved from Elyria Ohio to Jonesboro Arkansas and has expanded to be one of the largest caster companies with plants in Europe and Asia.