Established in 1938, Borroughs has been building top-quality shelving systems for over seventy-five years. Our focus on producing “A” grade shelving products has given us the expertise to provide systems ranging from a small back room storage requirement to high-rise and multi-level systems found in today’s distribution and fulfillment centers. Borroughs’ experience is a major benefit that adds significant value. When dealing with huge projects, diverse requirements, and critical situations, there is no substitute for experience.

Architecture and Design

Borroughs storage experts are an excellent architectural and design resource. Completing thousands of storage installations each year, our team is accustomed to working with architects and designers through all stages of a project, large and small.

Technical Support

Borroughs offers one-of-a-kind technical support for shelving systems. Our Technical Support Group is dedicated to the development and implementation of large-scale shelving projects. The group’s first responsibility is to help put on paper a cost-effective shelving system that meets both current and future storage needs. Systems are designed to maximize storage efficiency, minimize investment, and help meet applicable building codes such as aisle dimensions, fire egress aisles, and seismic requirements.