Aubin Industries, Inc. has built its reputation as being a world-class designer and manufacturer of mobile wheel systems for the material handling industry. Through our design, prototype, manufacture, and production capabilities, we provide our Distributors and OEMs with the highest quality Elastomer and Polyurethane products on the market.

It is our belief that competition is a very healthy environment for the development of new products. That environment contributes to the improvement of the service life of existing products, whether that product is ours or our competitors.

We at Aubin Industries, Inc. thrive in this changing and challenging environment. Business integrity, customer service, and production efficiency have allowed us to continually provide the most competitive pricing in our industry. We are driven to become a world-class leader in wheel design, prototyping, and manufacturing of mobile system enhancement. Our product development is based on 4 key elements:

  • Customer application and environment
  • Material selection for that particular environment
  • Design and production
  • Value-added cost reduction