garment carousel

Vidir’s Garment Carousel is a motorized vertical carousel designed for high density storage and highly efficient retrieval for garments. The motorized clothing carousel is designed to effectively accommodate a wide variety of garment such as suits, coats, shirts, trousers, and gowns. This automated storage system utilizes the vertical space in retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers to maximize the cubic footprint while simplifying inventory management.

Increases Available Storage

The Garment Carousel maximizes storage density by effectively utilizing overhead space for garment storage. This is accomplished by applying proven vertical carousel technology to achieve unparalleled garment storage within the allotted footprint.

Increase Efficiency

Vidir’s Garment Carousel can be equipped with our inventory control solutions which greatly reduce retrieval times and picking accuracy. The system consists of our inventory software solution, a sophisticated touch screen controller, bar code scanning, and a pic-to-zone system. This carousel add on is ideal for large warehouses and can greatly help with order picking and fulfillment, product identification, reporting, real time inventory counts, and multi-carousel support.

Increase Health and Safety

This clothing carousel eliminates wasteful and harmful steps for stocking and retrieving clothes. Vidir’s Garment Carousel ensures that operators are working at ergonomically acceptable heights and reduce unnecessary bending, walking, lifting and pushing which helps avoiding work related injuries.

  • Controls: Forward/Reverse push buttons w/security keypad and e-stop
  • Overall Capacity: 13,000 lbs.   |   5,896 kg chain rating
  • Carrier Capacity: 1,000 lbs.   |   454 kg weight capacity
  • Off-Balance: 15% off-balance load capacity
  • Retrieval Speed: 21’   |   6400mm per minute
  • Electrical: 208/230V, 15 Amp, 60 Hz, 3 Phase or 460/480V, 10 Amp, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
  • 2” | 51mm mesh guarding front and back
  • 2 x garment protectors per carrier
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Standard Colors: (Other Colors Available Upon Request)
    • Panels, Structure: White
    • Carriers, Mesh: Grey
  • cCSAus Mark
  • Seismic Certification available upon request
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Full Enclosure – Replaces mesh guarding on the front and rear with solid paneling for added security and dust protection.
  • Dual Controls – Duplicate control center on the left tower of the carousel enabling control from either side.
  • Automatic Retrieval – Automated retrieval which retrieves garments via the shortest possible path
  • Vidir Inventory Software – Inventory management software for tracking and calling out product within the carousel, requires Automatic Retrieval.
  • Bar Code Scanning – Simple and quick product recall, requires automatic retrieval
  • Multi-Tower Configuration – Add the capacity of a second tower to the same chain path as a single tower.
  • Over the Top Configuration – Carousels that fully utilize overhead space by utilizing the chain path of an upside down L.
Model # Height Width Depth Carriers Garments
G39163-0462-12 14'2" 14'8" 7'4" 4 1224
G39194-0562-12 16'9" 14'8" 7'4" 5 1530
G39225-0662-12 19'4" 14'8" 7'4" 6 1836
G39256-0762-12 21'11" 14'8" 7'4" 7 2142
G39287-0862-12 24'6" 14'8" 7'4" 8 2448
G39318-0962-12 27'1" 14'8" 7'4" 9 2754
Max Garment Size: 46" L x 20" W
Carrier Width: 12' 9"
* calculated 2 garments per inch
Model # Height Width Depth Carriers Garments
G39163-0462-12 4318mm 4470mm 2235mm 4 1224
G39194-0562-12 5105mm 4470mm 2235mm 5 1530
G39225-0662-12 5893mm 4470mm 2235mm 6 1836
G39256-0762-12 6680mm 4470mm 2235mm 7 2142
G39287-0862-12 6680mm 4470mm 2235mm 8 2448
G39318-0962-12 8255mm 4470mm 2235mm 9 2754
Max Garment Size: 1168mm L x 508mm W
Carrier Width: 3886mm
* calculated 2 garments per inch