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Tiffin Metal Lockers PRODUCTS

In the field of lockers, Sentinal® Security Lockers by Tiffin Metal Products Company™ has risen to the top of their field since its creation in 1903. Their development of lockers has taken them into a wide range of storage product with high quality as its overarching principle.

Sentinal® Security Lockers are one of those products that symbolize “getting what you pay for”. Tiffin Metal Products Company™ does not skimp on any aspect of their products. Whether it is design, sheet metal gauge or fit and finish, Sentinal® Security Lockers have limited their market to those who have specific storage needs and want them met without compromise.

Some of the range includes Wardrobe Lockers like Airflow® Locker System with heavy duty law enforcement personnel in mind and Infinity Locker System which builds on these strengths with re-configurability as an increased layer of exceptional quality.

Add to these a line of Evidence Lockers, Refrigerated Evidence Lockers, Firearms and Armory Racks, Duty Bag Lockers and Coin-Operated and Visitor Lockers you can see why Sentinal® Security Lockers by Tiffin Metal Products Company™ has achieved top billing in the Storage Locker Industry.