The HY case holds 26 Mullen test drawers. It is available with leveling pads. Has a continuous air filled door gasket system.

29-1/4" wide X 83-5/8" high X 19-1/8" deep.

Other models in this range are HYH and the HYDD cases.

Model HY Herbarium Case Specifications:

Technical Data Sheet:


HY Case Size: 29-1/4" Wide X 19-1/8" Deep X 83-5/8" High


The case is to be composed of an outer case and an inner framework of steel channels to provide rigidity and strength. The case to be of spot welded construction.


The back shall be of not less than 18 gauge steel and spot welded to case uprights.


The top shall be not less than 18 gauge steel flanged down on all four sides and inward at the front. The top is to be spot welded to the case sides and back.


The bottom plate is to be constructed air tight with box channels spot welded on inside and arc welded to vertical reinforcing channels. The bottom plate of case is to be not less than 18 gauge steel with front flanged for door strike and spot welded to the case uprights and back. The corners are to be fusion welded and ground smooth.


The sides are to be constructed of not less than 18 gauge steel with front edge formed into a channel section and the rear edge flanged the full height. Reinforcing for case uprights shall consist of two (2) box channels of not less than 16 gauge steel spot welded to each upright.


The case front interior framework is to be constructed of one piece of not less than 16 gauge steel formed into a channel shape for door strike. The interior front framework consisting of top plate interior frame work, upright interior frame work, and bottom plate channel of 16 gauge; all comprising the door strike, shall be fusion welded at all four (4) corners for rigidity and air tight integrity.


The door is to be constructed of not less than 18 gauge steel. Each edge of door is formed into a channel shape and all four (4) corners are to be fusion welded. The door shall have hat channel of 18 gauge steel not less than 4" wide, spot welded on the interior and extending the full vertical length of the door, with two (2) built-in fumigant pockets. The door shall have two (2) reinforcement stiffeners of 18 gauge steel - one (1) stiffener placed at door front and one (1) placed 2" from handle to give door additional strength.


The door opening is sealed with a continuous air filled silicone gasket that is held in place mechanically (no adhesives). This gasket system was developed for the National Park Service and is used on all Steel Fixture cases furnished to those agencies. It is the best for long term; air-tight, dust-tight, light-proof protection combined with proven resistance to fumigants and commonly used chemicals. If damaged, the gasket can be replaced with ordinary hand tools.


Hinges are to be not less than 16 gauge steel with five (5) knuckles. Three (3) hinges are spot welded to the door through a self locating, pre-fabricated slot ensuring an accurate fit of the door in its opening and concealing the hinge for a "clean" look.


The door shall be fitted with a chrome plated steel locking handle. The locking device is to be a three point type - locking at center, top and bottom of the case in such a manner as to not impair the air tight integrity of the case. All locking protrusions (U Channel) shall be of a wedge shape to draw the door tighter against the gasket as the device is closed. A "D"-Ring handle shall be standard and the "L" Type handle is brushed chrome and is available upon request.


The label holder - 3 7/8" X 5 9/16" shall be located in upper portion of the door.


Two (2) fumigant pockets shall be built in the door channel.


Inner pigeon hole shelving to be composed of 26 openings, 2 wide and 13 high; each opening to clear not less than 12-l/2" wide, 5-7/8" high, 17-1/2" deep. The side uprights are to be of not less than 20 gauge steel with front edge folded 180 degrees, and bottom edge flanged inward. The center upright is to be of not less than 20 gauge steel, with a rounded hemmed front edge and bottom edge flanged and spot welded to bottom shelf. Shelves to be constructed of not less than 20 gauge steel with 1/2" front edge tightly folded back 180 degrees against itself. The amount of steel folded back shall not be less than 1/2". The shelves shall not fit tightly at the back of the case, thus providing for circulation of the fumigant.


Pull Out Shelf: OPTIONAL: Each case shall have one (1) pull out work shelf of 20 gauge steel upon request.

Leveling Pads: INCLUDED: Each case shall be equipped with all four (4) corners having a swiveling pad that pivots for floor variance; screw type; using conventional tools for adjustments.


All material used shall be the best adapted to the construction for which it is employed. Steel through-out is to be the best steel, cold rolled, full pickled, double annealed, stretcher leveled or equivalent, and free from scale. It shall be of the grade known as "furniture steel". All gauges are to be U.S. Standard or heavier decimal gauges.


All corners rounded, exposed edges shall be deburred. All materials in the case are power washed, phosphatized, sealed and rinsed. Surfaces are finished with non-reactive solvent-free powder coating which is electrostatically applied and baked to a hard finish. It has no off-gassing of formaldehyde and organic acid as compared to the solvent base paints. We feel this is the best metal preparation and finish that can be provided.


Defects in design, materials or workmanship that occur within seven (7) years of completion date shall be remedied by the manufacturer at no expense to the owner.