Montel Mobilex Mechanical Assist Storage
      BMH has teamed up with Montel and their state of the art mobile storage systems. Montel has perfected their technique since they were the first to have developed the mobile shelving system for North America in 1929 . One category; their mobile shelving systems in particular have proven time and time again their superiority in comparisson to other brands. This is due to the mobile shelving systems use of the best materials and manufacturing methods available. The robust design of Montel's Mobile shelving systems, and their overall practicality and convienience in use has truly defined modern space efficiency. Montels mobile shelving designs are so versitile, that they can be attributed in a wide variety of situations and conditions, and provide the best safety options in the market with a flawless safety track record to boot. All Montel mobile shelving systems are designed with advanced safety features and options. This paired with our highly experienced instalation crew who pay maticulous attention to detail - critical when installing mobile shelving systems, will provide years of troublefree service. because here at BMH your longterm satisfaction is our priority.
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