cushion/hard rubber

Conventional-style rubber wheels. Provides good floor protection and quiet operation.

Temperature range: -20°F to +160°F.

Hardness: Soft Tread 70(±) Durometer Shore A scale.
Hard Tread 75(±) Durometer Shore A scale.

No performance options are available for this product.

Model Number Capacity Each In Pounds Thread Guard Tread Width Weight in lbs Wheel Bearing Wheel Bearing Bore Wheel Bore Less Bearing Wheel Description Wheel Diameter Wheel Hub Length Spanner Bushing Bore Spanner Bushing Length Qty Action
Soft Tread 1.00002.45 75 7/8" 1/8 Ball 5/16" Cushion/Hard Rubber 2" 1-3/32" -
Hard Tread 1.00002.55 100 7/8" 3/16 Ball 5/16" Cushion/Hard Rubber 2" 1-3/32" -