Triumph wheels are a new generation of ergonomically friendly wheels available only from Colson. The wheels include precision ball bearings for maximum rolling ease. Triumph polyurethane tread is chemically and mechanically bonded to aluminum core. Wheels come in various colors and durometers. You can choose crown tread or round tread designs. Blue tread wheels are specially designed for tow-line application. Wheels do not skid or mark the floor.

Temperature range: -40°F to +180°F.

No performance option are available for this product.

Model Number Capacity Each In Pounds Thread Guard Tread Width Weight in lbs Wheel Bearing Wheel Bearing Bore Wheel Bore Less Bearing Wheel Description Wheel Diameter Wheel Hub Length Spanner Bushing Bore Spanner Bushing Length Qty Action
5.00008.93TS 1200 2" 4-3/8 Prec. Ball Red Crowned Tread - Durometer 75 Shore A 8" 1/2" 2-7/16" -
5.00008.93TF 1200 2" 4-3/8 Prec. Ball Brown Crowned Tread - Durometer 90 Shore A 8" 1/2" 2-7/16" -