The Conquest wheel is the ultimate in ergonomic performance.
Independent testing proves the Conquest wheel requires 20% LESS force
to move than comparative wheels.
This reactive polyurethane wheel tread
is chemically and mechanically molded onto a lightweight aluminum
wheel core. Count on this wheel to glide quietly across even debris covered
floors, while maintaining the durability to carry heavy loads (up to
1500 lbs. each).
Temperature range: -45°F to +180°F.
Hardness: 85(±5) Durometer Shore A scale.
Available with Precision Ball Bearing only.
No performance option are available for this product.
Model Number Capacity Each In Pounds Thread Guard Tread Width in Inch Weight in lbs Wheel Bearing Wheel Bearing Bore in Inch Wheel Bore Less Bearing in Inch Wheel Description Wheel Diameter in Inch Wheel Hub Length in Inch Spanner Bushing Bore in Inch Spanner Bushing Length in Inch Price(USD) Qty Action
5.00004.9PC 800 2" 3-1/4" Prec. Ball Conquest 4" 1/2" 2-7/16" RFQ
5.00005.9PC 1000 2" 3-3/8 Prec. Ball Conquest 5" 1/2" 2-7/16" RFQ
5.00006.9PC 1250 2" 3-1/2 Prec. Ball Conquest 6" 1/2" 2-7/16" RFQ
5.00008.9PC 1500 2" 3-3/4" Prec. Ball Conquest 8" 1/2" 2-7/16" RFQ