Colson ThermoTech Wheels feature a rubber tread that can take the heat. They are quiet and non-marking for superior floor protection. The rubber tread is an advanced technology rubber compound bonded to an aluminum core.

Temperature range: -45°F to +525°F intermittent service, (+490° continuous service).

Hardness: 75(±5) Durometer Shore A scale.

No performance options are available for this product.

Model Number Capacity Each In Pounds Thread Guard Tread Width in Inch Weight in lbs Wheel Bearing Wheel Bearing Bore in Inch Wheel Bore Less Bearing in Inch Wheel Description Wheel Diameter in Inch Wheel Hub Length in Inch Spanner Bushing Bore in Inch Spanner Bushing Length in Inch Price(USD) Qty Action
2.00004.613H 250 1-1/4" 3/4 Teflon 1/2" ThermoTECH 4" 1-5/16" 3/8" 1-1/2" RFQ
2.00005.613H 250 1-1/4" 3/4 Teflon 1/2" ThermoTECH 5" 1-5/16" 3/8" 1-1/2" RFQ
2.00006.613H 250 1-1/4" 3/4 Teflon 1/2" ThermoTECH 6" 1-5/16" 3/8" 1-1/2" RFQ