Never-Flat Tires from Colson are the solution for challenging pneumatic tire applications.  Save time and money with Never-Flat Tires.  The wheels offer the benefits of pneumatic tires, such as load and floor protection, while eliminating the hassle of air pressure and flat tire repair.  The urethane closed cell foam construction of Never-Flat Tires resists water absorption and has similar rollability characteristics as pneumatic tires.  Never-Flat Tires are quiet, smooth operating and non-marking as well.  The 8" model features saw tooth tread for easy maneuverability, and the 10" black tread models feature radial tread.
Temperature range: -40°F to +180°
There are no options for Never-Flat Tires at this time.
Model Number Capacity Each In Pounds Thread Guard Tread Width in Inch Weight in lbs Wheel Bearing Wheel Bearing Bore in Inch Wheel Bore Less Bearing in Inch Wheel Description Wheel Diameter in Inch Wheel Hub Length in Inch Spanner Bushing Bore in Inch Spanner Bushing Length in Inch Price(USD) Qty Action
4.00008.N95 300 - 2-1/2" 3 Prec. Ball 5/8" - Grey Never-Flat Tire - offset 3 pc hub 8" 3" - - RFQ
4.00010.N95.2 350 - 3-1/2" 5 Prec. Ball 5/8" - Black Tread Never-Flat Tire - offset 3 pc hub 10" 2-1/4" - - RFQ
4.000010.N85.2 350 - 3-1/2" 5 Prec. Ball 5/8" - Black Tread Never-Flat Tire - centered 3 pc hub 10" 3-1/2" - - RFQ