bmh equipment inc has been a Colson Casters Wheels distributor since 1982. Over the years we have seen many improvements and developments that Colson has made possible through imaginative engineering and manufacturing. These wheels range from old standards from the last century like forged steel, cast iron, rubber vulcanized onto cast iron to modern synthetic thermoplastics and thermosets.

As a Colson Casters Wheel distributor, we help customers evaluate and choose from this myriad of options, compounds, capacities, bearings to come up with a wheel that performs to the optimum given the environment. There is no simple rule of thumb or formula that can be followed but over the years we have a feel for what factors to look for. Load weight, floor conditions, rolling ease, environment all go into proper selection. Frequently, one compound or capacity choice will be in conflict with another need and will have to be compromised.

Ergonomics, although a buzz word currently, can have a very real effect on user health and happiness that can be achieved by the Colson Caster Wheel distributor simply suggesting a larger diameter or better bearing type that will have a lasting benefit on performance. Another example is how a specific need in one area, will have unexpected benefits in another arena. Take for example noise reduction in hospitals. Frequently, the noise in a hospital can be traced back to vibration and lack of shock absorbing treads. The formula most often helpful might be more expensive initially due better wheel bearings or compounds in the tread and a swivel head that won’t shake, but due to the better design and materials used, there are longevity and performance benefits that looked at over time might actually reduce the price of the choices. In the case of ergonomic benefits, these reductions could make the upgrades free of cost by avoiding strains and injury.

Being a Colson Caster Wheel distributor gives us a huge range of options to choose from in your quest for "band for the buck" analysis when it comes to MRO replacement wheels, OEM choices for new products or noise mitigation projects and their ergonomic benefits.