4-8 Series Swivel Locks

Capacity up to 6000 lbs each

Swivel locks quickly convert swivel casters to rigid casters for straight-line tracking. A spring-loaded, hand operated plunger is engaged to fit into slots on the swivel reaceway. To engage the lock, simply pull out plunger and turn until spring action inserts plunger in notches on raceway. To disengage the lock, simply pull out the plunger and turn so plunger is not inserted in notches on raceway. Colson offers 3 types of hand operated swivel locks: Welded, Bolt-on and Kingpinless.

Welded Swivel Locks

Colson's welded swivel locks are factory installed only. They lock in 90° intervals on 4 and 6 Series casters. To order on caster, specify mounting codes in chart below.

Series Mounting Code
4 Series (Standard) MTG51
4 Series with MTG2 Top Plate MTG52
4 Series with MTG4 Top Plate MTG54
6 Series (Standard) MTG52