Standard Features:

  • Foot brake easily engaged; mechanically locks both swivel and wheel rotation
  • Aliminum shell hides nuts and bolts
  • Quiet operation
  • Precision axle built to exacting tolerance for smooth operation and extended life
  • Precision bearings reduce maintenance and improve maneuverability
  • Choose from a wide variety of colors

  Typical Applications:

  • Medical and diagnostic equipment, computer equipment, electronic equipment and high-tech products


Performance Options:

These Euro-Design casters combine a sleek, modern look with the functionality of the Total Lock brake mechanism. With a simple press of the foot, you can lock both wheel and swivel simultaneously in any position. Another press of the foot releases the caster for free swiveling and rolling ease in any direction (Free swivel models are also available, which have no braking action.)

The unique shell design of the Contour Solus helps keep dirt out of the internal mechanism of the caster for a long service life. For routine maintenance, the outer shell can be removed from the caster for access to the internal braking mechanism.