bmh equipment inc has been a proud and dedicated Colson Caster supplier since 1982. Having graduated from a family owned and run business in Wichita Kansas called Sun Supply Company that sold Colson Casters since 1940, Jack Alexander joined bmh equipment inc as the outside salesman. During this span of time, being involved with Colson Caster Company meant working with new compounds, synthetic rubbers, thermoset plastics, conductive tread materials that didn't mark the floor and mysterious "kingpin-less" swivel heads. During this time, Colson developed one of the best synthetic tread materials combining cushioning, longevity and pushing ease. This material was called "Performa" rubber.

As a Colson Caster supplier, bmh equipment Inc is versed in MRO needs and demands on replacing crucial operations equipment with wheels and casters that are up to the task. Not only do operations departments need prompt delivery of this strategically important Colson wheels and casters, but we also can update with new breakthroughs in ergonomics and longevity.

OEM's are another area of our expertise as a Colson caster supplier. Whether it's a special color or durometer, bearing type or delivery schedule, we are familiar with the needs and demands of servicing manufacturing. Drop shipping or providing blanket order fulfillment out of our warehouse, we enjoy working with our customers and their workflow.

Colson caster supplier is a job we take pride in doing and have for decades. Helping with design and supplying products is what we enjoy most about our jobs.