In the caster world as in many arenas there are gradations between brands due to quality, longevity, customer service and reputation. We've developed an overall excepted saying in our country that puts these variations in perspective: Good, Better, Best. As a Blickle Caster distributor we are being pleasantly surprised about how important this distinction is.

As a company that has been in caster sales for decades, and now as a Blickle Caster distributor, this brand is in the highest category, Superior. Every detail has been painstakingly developed, tested and presented to solve problems, not postpone them.

As a Blickle Caster distributor, bmh equipment inc will have not only the US Office to assist in the supply of high quality wheels and casters in the Continental United States, but also the engineering and design staff in Rosenfeld, Germany to assist in precise calculation and assessment of loads and demands to prescribe precisely which caster to recommend.

If, as the Blickle Caster supplier we can't find the exact solution as a standard product, Blickle will design a new product to properly deal with this new opportunity.

As a Blickle Caster supplier we now have up to 10 types and hardnesses of rubber to choose from.

As a Blickle Caster supplier, we now have 5 different colors and durometers of polyurethane wheels with variations in wear, rebound, chemical and moisture resistance......and it's all been documented in a one inch thick catalog! Please ask us for yours.