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BMH Equipment Solves Capacity Issues For The Medicial Marijuana Industry!

High Density Racking Systems

Since California has legalized marijuana for medical and now recreational use, growers are scrambling to stay ahead of the fast growing competition. As a result the demand for our Montel High Density “Greenrak” systems has drastically increased. Growers are finding that the only way to compete in this evolving industry is to increase their dollars per square foot in their cultivation facilities.

BMH Equipment, inc. has been designing and installing High Density Racking systems all over the west coast for decades serving every industry you can imagine. The newest industry taking advantage of the “intelligent use of space” is the Cannabis cultivation industry. Our first testimonial comes from The Grove in Las Vegas. Since implementing their “Greenrak” system they have increased their overall yield per square foot by 4x!!! Just Imagine what we can do for your facility!.

Mobile Racking Systems