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BMH Equipment, Inc. – Your Online Destination for Material Handling

Are you a company in Northern California in need of material handling equipment? Are you unable to find a distributor who can meet all your needs? Do you wish to work with a distributor, who has an array of products, as well as immense knowledge and experience of this industry? Then, you have come to the right place.

BMH Equipment Inc. is the leader in material handling equipment in Northern California. Since its inception in 1982, BMH Equipment has offered and delivered industrial and commercial material handling equipment to various companies.

Our Capabilities and Offerings

As a material handling equipment supplier & distributor, BMH Equipment serves healthcare, food service, clean room, manufacturing, warehousing, archiving, and storage industries. We provide over 100 products across nine categories. We provide a range of products, including casters, caster wheels, carts, hand trucks, lockers, racks, mobile shelving storageworkroom furniture, and dock equipment. Caster wheels are used with drag-line distribution carts, while the other products can be used for beverage storage and transport, backroom storage, and hospital beds.

While BMH Equipment was started in 1982, the family that runs the company has been associated with the material handling industry since the 1940s. The owners have over 45 years of experience as dealers for custom wheels and mobile shelving products. They are also experienced distributors of various brands and products, including:

Providing Storage Systems for Clients

The organization’s other specialty is designing and implementing racking and storage systems for clients. The organization has taken on a variety of specialized projects related to material handling. BMH Equipment has been providing storage solutions for military bases, chemical companies, educational institutions, and law firms. Visit the Projects tab for more information. The reason for the company’s continual success is our in-depth knowledge, prompt service, and practical solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, and good relations with vendors.

Our Online Incarnation

While we still meet and communicate with our customers directly, this website offers existing clients as well as new customers a chance to get a firsthand look at our products and service offerings. Our website is also an opportunity for us to serve customers throughout California. Customers can simply log in, choose the product of their choice, and get it delivered to their doorstep. Decades of experience, immense industry and product knowledge, wide product range, and custom services. These four points validate BMH Equipment, Inc.’s position as a leading material handling equipment supplier & distributor. Log onto www.bmhequipment.com, and take advantage of our services today.