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Temporary Evidence Storage

Temporary evidence storage can be a challenge and is for many law enforcement agencies. Maintaining proper procedure, dealing with lack of space and lack of funding are common challenges. Most importantly, evidence needs to be handled in accordance to the latest regulations and guidelines. The last thing a prosecutor needs is to have to defend improper handling of evidence in the chain of custody. So where do you find a solution that can properly store evidence in a secure and space efficient manner? bmh equipment inc has teamed up with Tiffin Metal (a leader in the industry) to offer a purpose built, heavy gauge metal locker with multiple door configurations and many options. We can provide solutions for both pass through or non-pass through applications, with or without refrigeration.

temporary evidence storagetemporary evidence storagetemporary evidence storage

Lock up your valuables with bmh equipment inc

Did you know that be bmh equipment inc offers many locker solutions for aquatic centers and amusement parks? Truth be told until I worked at bmh equipment inc I never even thought of looking for a locker in in the amusement park. Now I do because not only can I lock up my phone or my sweatshirt before going on that amazing ride, it’s also a great place to keep drinks and food for the day! bmh equipment inc along with our partners Tiffin Metal and Bradley corporation have solutions no matter what your environment.


Educational institutes of all levels can benefit from Montel high-density athletic equipment storage

Are you like most athletic departments challenged with space and storage?  bmh equipment inc has partnered with Montel Inc to provide high-density athletic equipment storage stationary and mobile shelving systems to schools and professional athletic teams. High-density systems can accommodate all sorts of sporting goods whether it’s football shoulder pads, baseball bats and gloves and bases, basketballs, hockey sticks and gear, and larger items like volleyball nets and portable scoreboard’s.

Montel high-density athletic equipment storage

Storing your sporting equipment with high-density storage will allow you to be much more organized; allow staff to locate items much faster! Organizations like the Minnesota Twins, Indiana University and Northwestern University just to name a few have all found Montel storage systems to be the best in the field, no matter where the field is located.

Montel high-density athletic equipment storage

BMH Equipment Solves Capacity Issues For The Medicial Marijuana Industry!

High Density Racking Systems

Since California has legalized marijuana for medical and now recreational use, growers are scrambling to stay ahead of the fast growing competition. As a result the demand for our Montel High Density “Greenrak” systems has drastically increased. Growers are finding that the only way to compete in this evolving industry is to increase their dollars per square foot in their cultivation facilities.

BMH Equipment, inc. has been designing and installing High Density Racking systems all over the west coast for decades serving every industry you can imagine. The newest industry taking advantage of the “intelligent use of space” is the Cannabis cultivation industry. Our first testimonial comes from The Grove in Las Vegas. Since implementing their “Greenrak” system they have increased their overall yield per square foot by 4x!!! Just Imagine what we can do for your facility!.

Mobile Racking Systems

BMH Equipment, Inc. – Your Online Destination for Material Handling

Are you a company in Northern California in need of material handling equipment? Are you unable to find a distributor who can meet all your needs? Do you wish to work with a distributor, who has an array of products, as well as immense knowledge and experience of this industry? Then, you have come to the right place. Continue Reading…