Within your area of expertise, you can evaluate what works and why: whether it’s a Facility requirement or complex piece of equipment. Typically, if there are things outside your area of knowledge, there are folks on your shortlist that can recommend answers and solutions with your best interest in mind. These might be in the area of concrete finishing, air conditioning, or color matching within new interiors. These extensions of your team help you succeed in your project.

That’s where we shine! We have been involved with Storage and Mobility products for decades and can help evaluate the best solution for many very technical products. Did you know we level the track of Mobile Shelving to 1 mm so you will never need to call us back for rework? Our lockers are leveled also to assure the look that tells 1000 words of care and purpose. The cabinets we provide for kitchens or labs can be reinforced to carry over 1000 lbs.

All these skills have been created by years of helping with designs and doing the installation. This is what we are good at and love doing it. We can be members of your “Short-List” team that helps avoid mistakes and makes your projects shine.